Our first giveaway- a night at the movies!

We’ve sold 1% of our puzzle pieces as of last night, and another this morning, and we are really encouraged. I think somewhere in the back of my mind is this scary thought that no one will care. But people do care! And I’m really thankful for all of you who’ve contributed so far! These are what the pieces look like when we fill out the names of people who’ve donated.


And that brings us to our first giveaway! Alex and I enjoy watching movies. I loved introducing Alex to Star Wars and Star Trek, and he shows me his favorite old Russian movies. We’ve discovered BottleShock, a movie about Napa Valley’s beginnings, and another called Pastry Kings, which is the oddly compelling documentary about people in France competing for a ranking that makes them known as the top pastry chefs in France.

For every puzzle piece your sponsor ($5 each- you can donate by clicking HERE) you get your name in our nifty adoption jar! When you share our fundraiser with your friends via any form of social media, AND/OR leave a comment that tells us your favorite movie and why, and you’ll get your name in the jar again, up to 4 times. On Saturday March 9, 2013, Lev will pull a name out of the jar, and we’ll gift that person an evening at the movies: 2 tickets and snacks on us! We are pretty excited about this!


So as an example, if you sponsor 2 pieces at $5 each ($10) that’s 2 copies of your name in the jar. Then you can tag me on Facebook (be my friend!), Twitter (follow me), or Instagram (see my life!) , and share the link to this post, and we’ll put three more copies of your name in the jar for the movie tickets! If you don’t win the tickets, your name will stay in the jar for our other giveaways. There’s going to be some great ones in the coming weeks!


Thanks so much for thinking of us, and being part of our adoption however you feel most comfortable. Leave a comment to tell us which movie you love best and why and you can get your name into the jar an additional time!  If it’s on netflix, I’ll put your favorite movie in our cue. Maybe it will become a new favorite of ours!


On Dossiers and all the people who make them go.

Part of adoption is mind boggling amounts of paperwork.  I’m pretty sure that my family alone has killed most of a small forest somewhere in the world. And somehow it all boils down to 5 envelopes. Original Originals (not a typo. That’s a real thing). Notarized originals, supporting documents, Random Documents, Dossier instructions, and documents for our records (read: so we can photocopy some more and send those to grant foundations.) Maybe one day I’ll explain exactly what all this, but right now, I just want to be glad it’s almost done. I just need a piece of paper to show up in the mail, and another one next week. We’ll finish our fundraiser, and then I might personally drive the entire dossier to Charlotte and hand it in.

FUll Size-2

Right now our Dossier sits in 4 postal service envelopes, which I guard carefully at every moment from Lev, Alex, roaming teacups, crumbs, drool, and myself. I don’t touch it unless I have to, lest I mess it up. Sometimes people ask to see it, and I have to prepare them for the shock of seeing so much paper. When I look at that stack of paper, I realize that it took a lot of people to get to this point:

Sean and Natalie. Betsy. Martha and Michael.  My mom and dad. My grandparents, who refer to adoption as “OUR ADOPTION” and made it a family affair. Heidi and her fellowstitchers. Allan. Cathy. Nicole. Chad, Bob and Kevin from Kinkos. Janet, from the law office next door to Lev’s Pediatrician. Dr. Kwee. Dr. Brinson. Susan the medical assistant. Travis Williams. Mary from the Post Office. Kristin Bell. The woman who owns the UPS store next to Kroger whose name I have forgotten. My great grandparents, who died several years ago, but always bought me savings bonds which we finally cashed. All the people on our ggency facebook page who post pictures of their kids making me remember that one day I’ll be there, too after I dig out from out dossier. Lina and Nick from our Agency. Erin the social worker. It’s an insane amount of people so far and I know I’ve left some people off, and the list is going to get longer and longer.

We’re really thankful for all of you and we clearly can’t do it without any of you.

Be a piece of the puzzle!

We’re so close, people! I cannot believe how close we are. Months and months of paperwork and patience and tears is about to pay off. I told Alex this morning that I’ll be so happy just to sit there and wait for that referral to show up.

Fact: Nothing in adoption goes like it should. Everything is always behind, but right now, I can proudly say that we are WEEKS ahead of schedule! It leaves us in the lurch. Like way in the lurch. But the Lord knows that. One way or another, the money will be there in a month and a half when its time to send the Dossier in. All $7000.

Back to our fundraiser Fundraiser! It starts RIGHT NOW!  Here’s how it will work:

We have this Puzzle. It’s awesome because 1)it’s a Polish castle and 2) It’s made in Poland. We are going to start working on it tonight.


You can sponsor a piece of our puzzle for $5. We’ll put your name on the back of the piece (or pieces) and put your name into our adoption Jar to possibly receive a great gift from us! When the puzzle is done, we’re going to glue it together and hang it in the boys room as a reminder of all the people who helped us bring our child home. Everyone will get a personal thank you!

If you don’t want to keep reading( I know we all have schedules), here is the Short version:

Sponsor a puzzle piece for $5 (You can donate securely online HERE) and for every $5 donation, we’ll put your name in our adoption jar to receive a great prize. Get extra entries by telling everyone about our fundraiser and tagging me on my various social media accounts: Facebook (be my friend!), Twitter (follow me!), Instagram (see my life). (example: $10 donation= 2 names in the jar. telling everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram= 3 more names in the jar for a total of 5 copies of your name in our nifty adoption jar!)


BUT WAIT! There’s MORE! (I’ve always wanted to say that in a public forum and mean it!)

We’re giving away some great gifts every week (But not Ginsu knives or a life line bracelet. Sorry)! So make sure that every week, you stop by the blog and see what’s up. I’m really excited about all of these gifts we’re giving away, and I cannot wait to see who they go to! The first giveaway is going up tomorrow!

So just as an example, every $5 donation gets your name on a puzzle piece and into the adoption jar! Here’s an example: Donate $10= 2 copies of your name in the jar. Tell everyone on Instagram, Facebook and twitter (Remember to tag me!), and get your name in the jar 3 more times for a total of 5 entries. Have fun! We certainly will!

Thanks so much in advance for thinking of us and supporting us however you feel most comfortable. It really does take a lot of people to bring a child home through adoption, and if you have been part of anyone’s adoption, you know how great a privilege it is.

Fundraiser Preview!

We put the FUN into FUNDRAISER! See what I did there?

Anyways, while I finalize all the details, here are some visual hints of how it will look in the end. Also keep in mind these phrases:

1. Giveaways 2.Halcyon 3. Food 4. Music  5. Toys

Also, the cute kid is not part of the giveaway. He’s mine. Sorry.








If you would like to help support our adoption, You can donate here. Please note that this is not a tax deductible donation. More information about tax deductible donations wills come soon.

Adoption is awesome.

Short Story.

One day, when I was 26, a doctor told me my body didn’t work right. I knew this already, which is why I was there, so it didn’t come as a shock.

She gave me a bunch pills. They made me crazy and that was about it. Infertility drugs will do that to you- make you crazy and leave you with…. well, crazy.

For long time I thought deep thoughts about God, and hormones, and motherhood and pregnancy. I wasn’t entirely happy about it all, until I woke up one day and went to church and saw this family with a little girl they had adopted. And that’s when I knew that all my kids would come from somewhere else. And that the struggle we’ve been through to get to this place will have been worth it. That’s all I had at that point. A broken spirit, a improperly working body, and this vague idea that Adoption was where it was all at and what it was all about. I wasn’t entirely happy about all that either.

That was 8 years ago.

In 8 years, God has turned my heart inside out. Adoption isn’t this big scary idea out there anymore. It’s a not philosophical idea, or an action fraught with social, cultural and political ramifications. It’s me. I was adopted by God. He pursued me and made me his. He took away fear, and hardness from my heart and left me with a heart for people who are motherless. He gave me this need to love people who are not loved. That was not me 8 years ago, but it’s me today.

Adoption is a pursuit. A heart wrenching, gut twisting, budget busting pursuit of family, justice, God, and his glory. We would never have chosen this path for ourselves. And God knew that. So he broke me down and chose it for us. He gave us our first son through adoption, and now, because we must love pain and paperwork in quadruplicate, he brought us to it again.

This blog will be filled with our adoption. Paperwork, ugly crying, updates and fundraisers. One day, about 12 months from now, maybe a little more, there will be a photo with the 4 of us, and the phrase “They all mostly lived happily ever after.” But stick with us until then. Adoption is awesome.

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Adoption is hard, and glorious and terrible and wonderful. It’s awesome.

If you would like to help support our adoption, You can donate here. Please note that this is not a tax deductible donation. More information about tax deductible donations wills come soon.