Be a piece of the puzzle!

We’re so close, people! I cannot believe how close we are. Months and months of paperwork and patience and tears is about to pay off. I told Alex this morning that I’ll be so happy just to sit there and wait for that referral to show up.

Fact: Nothing in adoption goes like it should. Everything is always behind, but right now, I can proudly say that we are WEEKS ahead of schedule! It leaves us in the lurch. Like way in the lurch. But the Lord knows that. One way or another, the money will be there in a month and a half when its time to send the Dossier in. All $7000.

Back to our fundraiser Fundraiser! It starts RIGHT NOW!  Here’s how it will work:

We have this Puzzle. It’s awesome because 1)it’s a Polish castle and 2) It’s made in Poland. We are going to start working on it tonight.


You can sponsor a piece of our puzzle for $5. We’ll put your name on the back of the piece (or pieces) and put your name into our adoption Jar to possibly receive a great gift from us! When the puzzle is done, we’re going to glue it together and hang it in the boys room as a reminder of all the people who helped us bring our child home. Everyone will get a personal thank you!

If you don’t want to keep reading( I know we all have schedules), here is the Short version:

Sponsor a puzzle piece for $5 (You can donate securely online HERE) and for every $5 donation, we’ll put your name in our adoption jar to receive a great prize. Get extra entries by telling everyone about our fundraiser and tagging me on my various social media accounts: Facebook (be my friend!), Twitter (follow me!), Instagram (see my life). (example: $10 donation= 2 names in the jar. telling everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram= 3 more names in the jar for a total of 5 copies of your name in our nifty adoption jar!)


BUT WAIT! There’s MORE! (I’ve always wanted to say that in a public forum and mean it!)

We’re giving away some great gifts every week (But not Ginsu knives or a life line bracelet. Sorry)! So make sure that every week, you stop by the blog and see what’s up. I’m really excited about all of these gifts we’re giving away, and I cannot wait to see who they go to! The first giveaway is going up tomorrow!

So just as an example, every $5 donation gets your name on a puzzle piece and into the adoption jar! Here’s an example: Donate $10= 2 copies of your name in the jar. Tell everyone on Instagram, Facebook and twitter (Remember to tag me!), and get your name in the jar 3 more times for a total of 5 entries. Have fun! We certainly will!

Thanks so much in advance for thinking of us and supporting us however you feel most comfortable. It really does take a lot of people to bring a child home through adoption, and if you have been part of anyone’s adoption, you know how great a privilege it is.


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