On Dossiers and all the people who make them go.

Part of adoption is mind boggling amounts of paperwork.  I’m pretty sure that my family alone has killed most of a small forest somewhere in the world. And somehow it all boils down to 5 envelopes. Original Originals (not a typo. That’s a real thing). Notarized originals, supporting documents, Random Documents, Dossier instructions, and documents for our records (read: so we can photocopy some more and send those to grant foundations.) Maybe one day I’ll explain exactly what all this, but right now, I just want to be glad it’s almost done. I just need a piece of paper to show up in the mail, and another one next week. We’ll finish our fundraiser, and then I might personally drive the entire dossier to Charlotte and hand it in.

FUll Size-2

Right now our Dossier sits in 4 postal service envelopes, which I guard carefully at every moment from Lev, Alex, roaming teacups, crumbs, drool, and myself. I don’t touch it unless I have to, lest I mess it up. Sometimes people ask to see it, and I have to prepare them for the shock of seeing so much paper. When I look at that stack of paper, I realize that it took a lot of people to get to this point:

Sean and Natalie. Betsy. Martha and Michael.  My mom and dad. My grandparents, who refer to adoption as “OUR ADOPTION” and made it a family affair. Heidi and her fellowstitchers. Allan. Cathy. Nicole. Chad, Bob and Kevin from Kinkos. Janet, from the law office next door to Lev’s Pediatrician. Dr. Kwee. Dr. Brinson. Susan the medical assistant. Travis Williams. Mary from the Post Office. Kristin Bell. The woman who owns the UPS store next to Kroger whose name I have forgotten. My great grandparents, who died several years ago, but always bought me savings bonds which we finally cashed. All the people on our ggency facebook page who post pictures of their kids making me remember that one day I’ll be there, too after I dig out from out dossier. Lina and Nick from our Agency. Erin the social worker. It’s an insane amount of people so far and I know I’ve left some people off, and the list is going to get longer and longer.

We’re really thankful for all of you and we clearly can’t do it without any of you.


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