Our first giveaway- a night at the movies!

We’ve sold 1% of our puzzle pieces as of last night, and another this morning, and we are really encouraged. I think somewhere in the back of my mind is this scary thought that no one will care. But people do care! And I’m really thankful for all of you who’ve contributed so far! These are what the pieces look like when we fill out the names of people who’ve donated.


And that brings us to our first giveaway! Alex and I enjoy watching movies. I loved introducing Alex to Star Wars and Star Trek, and he shows me his favorite old Russian movies. We’ve discovered BottleShock, a movie about Napa Valley’s beginnings, and another called Pastry Kings, which is the oddly compelling documentary about people in France competing for a ranking that makes them known as the top pastry chefs in France.

For every puzzle piece your sponsor ($5 each- you can donate by clicking HERE) you get your name in our nifty adoption jar! When you share our fundraiser with your friends via any form of social media, AND/OR leave a comment that tells us your favorite movie and why, and you’ll get your name in the jar again, up to 4 times. On Saturday March 9, 2013, Lev will pull a name out of the jar, and we’ll gift that person an evening at the movies: 2 tickets and snacks on us! We are pretty excited about this!


So as an example, if you sponsor 2 pieces at $5 each ($10) that’s 2 copies of your name in the jar. Then you can tag me on Facebook (be my friend!), Twitter (follow me), or Instagram (see my life!) , and share the link to this post, and we’ll put three more copies of your name in the jar for the movie tickets! If you don’t win the tickets, your name will stay in the jar for our other giveaways. There’s going to be some great ones in the coming weeks!


Thanks so much for thinking of us, and being part of our adoption however you feel most comfortable. Leave a comment to tell us which movie you love best and why and you can get your name into the jar an additional time!  If it’s on netflix, I’ll put your favorite movie in our cue. Maybe it will become a new favorite of ours!


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