Update on our adoption fundraiser!

Puzzle update!  26  30  89   94  109 puzzle pieces have been sponsored we’re starting to put the puzzle together! A huge thanks to all who have participated and spread the word! We feel really blessed!


Also, it looks like our dossier will be in by the middle of April or a littler sooner. I’m personally aiming for April 11th which would be cool because that’s our 10 year anniversary and almost every year on our anniversary we’ve done something huge: Buy a house, match with Lev’s birthmom, and this year, send our dossier to Poland. We don’t actually plan these things. They just happen that way. And it’s it’s the best way to celebrate and anniversary in my opinion.

Our fundraiser will run from March 1st, to April 6th, or however long we can run it! Simply sponsor a piece of our 1000 puzzle by donating here. For every $5 donation, we’ll write your name on the back of a piece and put your name in our nifty adoption jar to be part of our giveaway. If you don’t get a gift one week, your name will stay in the jar for the next gift. You can get extra entries by sharing our fundraiser on Facebook (be my friend!), Twitter (follow me), Instagram (see my life!)or pin my updates from Pinterest (my boards). When our puzzle is done, well glue it together and hang it on the wall in our child’s room as a reminder of all the people who helped bring him home. So if you sponsor three pieces ($15) your name goes in the jar 3 times. If you promote our blog on facebook and pinterest, then your name goes in the jar another 2 times for a total of 5 times!

In the mean time, we’ve added to our giveaways! Here’s what we’ll be giving away as part of our Fundraiser:

On Saturday March 9th, we’ll be drawing a name our of our adoption jar to give away a night at the movies! 2 Regal movie tickets and snacks on us! You can read more about this giveaway here.


On Saturday March 16th we’re giving away and Easter basket to some one! You’ll get a basket filled with fun goodies for a child you love! Pictures are forthcoming!

On Saturday March 23rd, we’re giving away an original piece of Jewelry made especially for our fundraiser by our Friend Kristen, who is a talented jewelry maker! Pictures will be up soon!

On Saturday March 30th, we’re giving 4 people polish pottery coffee mugs filled to the brim with yummy polish goodies.


On Saturday April 6th my photography studio is giving away a Halcyon Session.  A Halcyon Session gives a family or couple the opportunity to have their life and love captured just as it is. I created these sessions out of my growing conviction that there is so much beauty and grace in the ordinary and that truth more than anything is what we need to hang onto.  You can see an example of a Halcyon Session here, but here’s a few Halcyon images I love as well.


2 (19)


2 (41)

THanks for coming along with us for this journey. We’re really thankful for all of you, and for the ways in which you support our family!


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