In which we give our first gift.

I’m a little behind. Daylight savings and toddlers don’t mix, and so my plan to have Lev draw the name didn’t work out becuase the poor kid had to go to bed early. He was wiped out from a full day of church and playing outside in the nice weather and NO NAP. He loved that part.

So I had Alex pull the winning name. He was hesitant to do this. He was unsure if he was doing it right. Then he got his hand stuck in the jar. Finally, after we freed his hand, we had a name!

Our first gift. 129 puzzle pieces sponsored. 129 pieces of paper in the jar, plus 10 extra because people were kind and shared our fundraiser on facebook and twitter.  We’re so happy to be able to give away these movie tickets, and so happy that so many people have been a part of our adventure! Are you ready? Here’s the drawing and the lucky movie goers!








Yes. That should say The James Family. So much for my typing skills… But hooray for the James’s! They get an evening at the movies and some fun snack on us!

Don’t be sad if you didn’t get this gift! Your name is going to stay in the jar for next weeks gift, which is an Easter basket for a fun kid in your life!  You can sponsor a puzzle piece here. And you can share the fundraiser on Facebook (be my friend!), Twitter (follow me), Instagram (see my life!)or pin my updates from Pinterest (my boards).

Thanks to everyone who’s sponsored a piece, shared our fundraiser or just cheered us on. We’re thankful for your support in any way it comes.




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