So close and not so far.

If you are looking for our fundraising website, please click HERE. If you’d like to know how our fundraiser works, please click here. Thanks for following our adoption and supporting us in the way you feel most comfortable.  

Lev and I have been gallivanting around Raleigh procuring those last stray documents for our dossier. Today was a Social Security Card and extra birth certificates for Lev.  I could say it’s been fun, but taking your 2.5 year old on a tour of government buildings in Raleigh is about as awesome as it sounds. The poor kid has done his best, I have to give him that. He was a champ in the VItal records office. In the Social Security office, they don’t allow phones, which I didn’t know. So Lev and I were playing a puzzle game while waiting for our number and the next thing I know, a security guard was giving me the evil eye and telling me that phones were not allowed. Poor Lev didn’t deal with that well. And then he sneezed all over the clerk. I felt bad for him, but I kept reminding him that only good things come of our social security office tribulation.  Just one or two more trips downtown and we’ll be ready!  We’re so excited and SO ready for this dossier to be off!

We’re really thankful for all the people who’ve sponsored puzzle pieces. We’re working on putting it together and there will be a photo of it soon. 150 pieces are sponsored- 15% of our puzzle! We’ve raised a little over $1,000 so far, and that covers our translation fee for the dossier- hooray! Our dossier fee is $5500 and we’re on our way to that.

And speaking of fundraisers, our second gift we gave away was an Easter Basket for 1 awesome kid. We pulled a name on Sunday and……..

Chrisha Dilley receives an ester basket for her sweet little girl! I put it together last night and photographed it today so everyone can see how cute it is. Bubbles, flower headbands, easter bunny sidewalk chalk and some fun treats all in the cutest little basket. I can’t wait to deliver it to them.

untitled-1 untitled-1-2

I’m really excited about our next giveaway, which is a Personalized Stamped Pendant Necklace with Earrings  from my friend Kristen Bell. She did an amazing job The necklace is a personalized stamped pendant set on a delicate 18″ sterling silver chain with oval shaped sterling silver earrings attached to a pearl drop.  The necklace pendants can be personalized with 1-2 letters or numbers per pendant (up to 6 pendants) in a block font and an Ampersand (&) is  also available. Kristen will also customize the necklace with your own initial(s), wedding date, meaningful word, or perhaps your children’s initials, birth dates, sports team number, age, anything!

Just as a reminder, for each and every $5 donation to our adoption at our fundraising website (click here to go to the page!), your name will go into our nifty adoption jar, and on Sunday, we’ll pull out a name and after Kristen personalizes the necklace for you, we’ll send it off to you! You can share our blog or fundraising website (click here!) on Facebook (tag me @cstarchenko) and we’ll put your name in a second time!  Don’t miss out on these awesome pieces.

untitled-1-27 untitled-2-4 untitled-3-4

Thanks so much for being a part of our adventure.


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