A Major Update!

Guess what??

We sent in our dossier and we’re happily waiting for that referral to come to us! Lev and I took it to the Post office on May 4th, and sent it off. He cried, and then we had this conversation:

Me: We have to send these huge envelopes to the agency so we can get a new family member. Don’t you want that?

Lev, sobbing: Nooooooo.

Me: Well what do you want?

Lev: A hot dog. 

Well, we can’t all have what we want when we want it. But Lev was excited about sending the dossier off, too, before we gave it to the postal workers.

Lev at the post office with our dossier.

Lev at the post office with our dossier.

We already have to update information, but whatevs- that happens to lots of people. What’s important is that it’s in Poland, being translated, and we couldn’t be happier.

So what’s next?

Adoption grant application. Lots of them. I’m applying to at least 5, plus one that pays for medical reviews of a referral. And then in between updating documents, we’re just enjoying our life and having those mature adult conversations you have when you’re a parent about adding kids to your family- should you get a better job? A new car? Nothing? All those answers will come.  For the moment we’re excited to be at this point. We’re looking forward to all the great things yet to come.


Here are all the people who won our giveaways:

the 4 polish pottery tea cups: Veronique, Emily, Charlotte, and Josie from Alex’s office.

The Handcrafted necklace and earring set:  Karen T

The Easter basket: CHrisha

The night at the movies: The James Family

The Halcyon Session from One Crazy Love: The Chilton Family.

The puzzle piece fundraiser has brought in almost $3,000. We’re blown away, and very thankful to all of you! Thank you so SO much.


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