It’s really been a while since I posted here. There’s a lot of reasons, and no reasons at all. It’s just how life goes, but I promise I will be better about it- and hope to update once a week.

Make sure you read posts below for:

1. The fundraiser update and a list of all the people whose names I drew from our adoption jar. Also, a cute picture of Lev with our dossier which we’ve sent off to Poland.

2. Frustration and Encouragement in Adoption.

3. Letters to my kids. A definite must in my book. Writing to my kids, while I don’t do consistently, is ultimately going to bond me to them in a time when they aren’t at home anymore.

So here’s some reading fun for you. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for news of another possible fundraiser!

So I updated- Hooray!


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