A new fundraiser: Apples for Violet. Tell all your friends!

When I first held violet, she smelled faintly like she had been eating apples or apple sauce. And I said, “you smell like apples!” The orphanage workers said she likes sweet things. So I took that idea and went with it.  In honor of Violet and Apples and Sweet things and Fall, we’ve made apple butter for you all. So Southern and So eastern European all at the same time!  Aren’t we all lucky!

So in thinking about our final trip, and all that it’s going to take to get it there, we’re launching the first of 3 fundraisers.

Our Goal for all three fundraisers is at least $1,000. That’s a small drop in the bucket of the thousands of dollars that are left to pay (about 15,000-17,000 at LEAST). But the Lord has provided for us in small but steady ways, and over time it’s amounted to a lot. It’s really humbling and really awesome to see.

The first fall fundraiser is Apples for Violet. It’s more like Apple Butter. Since she smells like Apple sometimes, I made a small run of Apple Butter for this fall season. It’s slow cooked, hand crafted and canned, heavily scented apple butter. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, it’s divine on toast, icecream, or anything else you want to put it one. I like it best on vanilla Ice Cream to be honest with you. There’s a bunch of different ways you can use Apple Butter.

We have 4 pint sized  jars priced at $8 dollars each. And we’ll have 24 4 OZ jars priced at $3 each. We can ship them for you, just let us know and we’ll add the shipping into your total.  If we run out, I can easily make more. If you’d like to buy some you can email me at cstarchenko@gmail.com and let me know how much you want, and I’ll send you a paypal invoice.  If you want a taste, you can come over and I’ll make you some toast with Apple Butter and tea. Lev might sit in your lap though. You’ve been forewarned on that.

Apple butter is goof for:

Teacher gifts

Coworker gifts

eating after a long day at the office.

spooning onto ice cream

On toast, a bagel or a scone.


Pint of Apple Butter. See all that buttery brown goodness? You want this. And you know it.

4 oz apple butter jar. You know you want some.

4 oz apple butter jar. You know you want some.


Also, if you share this post to facebook, and tag me in that post, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a free pint of Apple Butter for you or a friend.

Happy weekending!



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