Sweet Success: We’ve nearly run out of apple butter.

So in that last post, I threw out there that I had made some Apple Butter becuase Violet smelled like apples.

And I also put it out there that said apple butter could be purchased in order to benefit Violet’s homecoming. I promised someone a pint jar as a prize for spreading the word about the apple butter and the lucky recipient is:

NICOLE W from Raleigh! I’ll bring your apple butter to you!

Seriously. This is all we have left: 1 pint jar and 1 4 oz jar. That’s it. It literally flew out the door to various parts of Raleigh, Durham, and California.


My friend Sam said this about our apple butter:

Can I just say that Charity Starchenko‘s apple butter that she’s selling to raise funds for their adoption is AMAZING! B. practically licked his plate! Thanks, Charity!

Little Boys everywhere LOVE this stuff. That’s all I’m saying.

And the best part is, MORE IS COMING! I even got all techy like and made a form you can fill out to order it! If you live in Raleigh/Durham, we can deliver. If you live beyond the Raleigh Durham Area, we can ship it to you. Just fill out the form, answer some quick questions, and we’ll send you a pay pal invoice for apple butter and or/shipping. If you have questions, you can comment on the blog, or send me an email at cstarchenko@gmail.com

Shipping for 4 4oz jars is about $10.

Here’s the link to the order form:


Apple Butter:

Lasts several weeks in fridge and up to a year in it’s unopened canned state in a cool dark place like a pantry.

Tastes good on toast, ice cream, with bananas, or just straight out of the jar after a long day.

Is a great gift for teachers, your grandma, or a random person who loves toast and jam.

Use it to sweeten cakes or top a muffin or scone with.

Have a tea party and put it out.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE (and it’s better than ginsu knives, people):

Share the post AND buy some apple butter and I’ll put your name in the hat to receive a few great prizes:

3 people will win a fun Polish treat, from a great Polish Deli here in Durham called Halgo. No kidding, Halgo has some great stuff. It’s a great taste of what an actual polish grocery store looks like and feels like. I really dig small eastern european markets and wish we had more here.

1 person from the Raleigh Durham area will win A mini Halcyon Session from my Studio. It’s a perfect way to get those Christmas cards done.

What’s more fallish than Apple Butter in the fall! Thanks for reading!



  1. Hey Charity, do I still need to fill out a form even though I live in walking distance of your house and go to your church? 😉

    • the form feeds into an excel program, and it helps to keep me organized for when I’m ready to make the apple butter. But if you just want to tell me what you want, I can put it into the spread sheet myself. Thanks for asking!

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