I love music and soundtracks. Some of my most favorite songs are ones I found on the soundtracks of obscure movies I search out on Netflix and love, then force on all my friends. (Sidenote: Bottle Shock is one of my favorite movies. It’s about how Napa Valley became famous. THis weekend, becuase I’ve been particularly homesick, I’m having a Napa Valley Themed birthday party, and making all my friends watch this movie. yes! I’m pathetic. )

I have a friend who says that all major life events, should have sound tracks, and I have to agree. We were talking about this, and she asked what my adoption sound track was. I had to think about it for a while, but I came up with one. And it’s not what I expected.  Many of these songs are for both Lev and Violet. And it’s very much about the gospel, the Glory of God, and keeping my focus on Him, not myself. I can get really deep inside my head, and lose track of a lot of what’s most important by obsessing over small details.

Sovereign Grace Music: Jesus Thank You– this video is kinda old school , becuase I’m nothing if not vintage. And someone in it goes terribly off key somewhere, which is kind of amusing to me. But I sang to Lev a lot when he was a baby and I was listening to it the day that we got Violet’s referral. Fun Fact, I listened to Bob Kauflin when he was big into acapella, in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was 12 and didn’t know better. Also, the disc was my dad’s, not mine, and I just listened to what he put on- blame it on him.  

The Head and the Heart: Rivers and Roads– Honestly, I first heard this song on the final episode of Chuck, a show that introduced me to lot new bands like Band of Horses. I think of it as Violets song. The drummer is a beast in this video. Also, the girl in the band is also named Charity. So there’s that. It’s a bit thrilling for me, in a vain way. 

Jason Grey- Nothing is Wasted– Becuase for a while, I really thought it was all going no where with that clearance from Belarus, and the IRS audit from Lev’s adoption tax credit. Close friends will remember that. But in the end, it wasn’t wasted. It turned out Violet was just 2 months old while we were experiencing all of that, and not ready for us yet.

Matt Papa- It is finished– I especially love the lines “The keys of the kingdom were placed into hands/ of children and priests and the fishers of men/Through all generations his voice will be heard/proclaiming the sound of His Glorious Words!” It makes me think about how Lev and Violet are the 4th generation (5th if you count my great grandparents who got saved after my grandparents did) of people who will hear the gospel and BELEIVE it. At least that’s my prayer anyway. It reminds me that the gospel is for everyone, even children, and everyone can understand it!  This video is graphic in its depiction of the crucifixtion. You’ve been warned.

Hot Chelle Rae- Tonight. There’s no reason for this, just that it’s a song that Lev and I have danced to several times in the past. I’m not going to post the video becuase frankly, it’s weird. 

Josh Garrels- White Owl. This is really Lev’s song because of these words: Like an owl you must fly by moonlight with an open eye,/And use your instinct as a guide, to navigate the ways that lays before you,/You were born to, take the greatest flight./Like a serpent and a dove, you will have wisdom born of love/ To carry visions from above into the places no man dares to follow/Every hollow in the dark of night/Waiting for the light/Take the flame tonight /Child the time has come for you to go /You will never be alone/Every dream that you have been shown /Will be like living stone /Building you into a home /A shelter from the storm

There’s a lot of discussion about what the meaning behind White Owl is, with the major opinions split- Some say it’s about the Great Comission, Some say it’s about the incarnation of Christ. Either interpretation is fine with me, but I always think of Lev, when I hear this song, and think about how one day he’ll leave home, and when he does, that he leaved following God, and knowing that he can come home to us when he needs and wants to.

Home By Phillip Phillips– Just a fun song. Lots of people use this on their adoption homecoming videos. We haven’t decided if we’re doing that, yet. Lots of people have offered, but we might just want a few pictures of violet coming in the door of house the first time.


Soundtracks are fun. I might make Lev and Violet a mix tape for when they are older and add to it as they grow up so they can have their own soundtracks. Cheesy, but some mom has to be the soundtrack mom right???






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