Our Final Fundraiser. Finally.

The end is near.

So. So. Near.  I really can’t believe we’re in the final weeks before we go get our girl. I’m working hard to put into words all the emotions I feel. It’s challenging. It will probably result in a brain dump sort of blog post. But I’ll try in these next few posts. Right now, my only emotion is total exhaustion. And yes, all moms of 3 year olds will tell you that exhaustion is an emotion. It has it’s origins in 3AM wake ups for juice, and searches for curious george dolls that end in tears at your bedside. I know I need to curb the beside 3AM visits, but he’s my baby, people. One day, I’ll just wake up at 3AM, and he won’t be there. I’ll miss that, but truthfully, I’ll just go back to sleep and I might or might not do a Napolean Dynamite arm pump “YES!” as I roll over and tuck my tired self back into bed. But I digress.

But 3AM has it’s benefits in someways. For example, I can blog without interruption. And tonight (This morning? Whatever. It’s still dark.), I’m blogging about our very last fundraiser: The Both Hands Project.

I’m really excited about this project because it’s not just for us. It’s project that forces you to look beyond yourself, to blow right past uncomfortable into awkward, and remind yourself at the very end of your adoption why you’re doing this. It benefits someone other than ourselves or Violet. The rewards are SO much greater than the temporary discomfort I feel for myself. And if it’s a total flop (it won’t be, Pleas dear God, don’t let it be a flop), we’ve helped someone!  In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

1. Send in your application- Done.

2. Find a widow. Find out what she needs done to her house. Done! Thankfully!

3. Assemble a team AND send our support Letters. Have a kick off meeting. This happens February 1st!

4. Complete the work on the Brigitte’s house.

5. Go get our girl. Like almost the next week.

I you’d like to join our team, we’d love that!  Here’s what you need to know: 

We’re having 1 kick off meeting, on Saturday, February 1st. It’ll be at our house. You’ll learn about Violet, Brigitte, and the Both Hands foundation. We’ll eat pizza and also stuff envelopes with support letters and address them so that we can pop those babies in the mail the following Monday.

You’ll need to be willing to send letters of support to friends and family. This is the fundraising piece. It’s really important to be willing to both work the project the day of and send sponsor letters. We’d love it if you could bring the names names and addresses of 10-20 people you think you’d like to send letters to. Think of your friends, your family, any one you know who loves Jesus, orphans, widows or all of the above.

Work alongside us at Brigitte’s house from from 8- ? (ending time hasn’t been established yet.) and get to know Brigitte.

If this sounds fun for you, we’d love it if you’d fill out this form (CLICK HERE), and we’ll send the evite for our kick off meeting to you!

Not convinced you want to do this? Have a look at Violet’s hand and her pouty lips in the corner. Turn that frown upside down, folks!  Go add your emails to the invite so you can see Violet in person when she comes home.



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