Both Hands: What it is and how you can be involved.

I’ve mentioned before that we were approved to do a service project with the Both Hands Foundation. Basically, the way it works is that we form a team, and partner with a widow who needs some work on her house. Our team sends out sponsor letters, letting friends and family know that we’re adopting, and doing a service project with  a widow on her house to raise money for our adoption. 100% of the money we and the volunteers who work with us raise will go towards our adoption costs.

We’re very excited to do this project (click here for our project page). It benefits a people other than us. We get to spend the day outside. We get to know a new friend! We’ve been able to meet a great woman, B., to work with. She lives in our town, and her needs are perfect for us to meet easily and in the time constraints we have. Team Building has really  stretched our faith a ton. While it’s not all been rainbows and unicorns, the Lord is bringing together a good team and one that I hope will daily increase in number. Right now we have about 3-5 people and we’d like to have between 10 and 20 volunteers work with us. There’s a number of people who are thinking about it, and with whom I’ve been chatting about schedule. I think we’re going to have a great team and a great day of service on february 22nd. It’ll be a lot of fun.

Since the word has been going out a little more ([ve visited community groups at my church, and talked to a few people about the project) people are asking what ways they can help. So I’ll list them in the order in which they benefit Malvina and the widow, B., we’re working with.

1. Work on our team with us and send sponsor letters to 10-20 people. 

This is the single most important part of the project. Without a groups of volunteers, we won’t be able to do the project. Without sending the sponsor letters, we won’t be able to raise part of the fund we need for our last adoption expenses. We’re asking people to be willing to send sponsor letters to 10-20 people.

2. Some people can’t be on our team but have asked us to write a personal letter they can send to friends and family on our behalf. We’re open to this, but we encourage people if they can to be part of our team. We’re thankful for however people choose to participate, but we’d love most for you to join our team.

3. pray for us. We need prayer for the following things: 

-Violets and Lev’s adjustments to our changing family.

– That the bonding period the first half of our trip would go smoothly. A lot people will be observing us with Violet, and we’d love for that to be a nice calm process.

– that the final pieces of immigration paperwork for Violet would go through quickly and that we’d have travel dates quickly.

-That our desires for what remains of this adoption would be what God has planned for us.

-That our project would run smoothly and that the Lord will provide all the volunteers we need.

So that’s basically the nitty gritty of our project. I’d be lying if I said that we’re (read:me) heading into this with nothing but excitement. I’m actually rather nervous about this whole thing. First because adoption forces you out of your comfort zone and requires us to set aside our personal preferences. So we did. And I’ve spent most of the last couple of years so far outside my comfort zone that I’m not sure what my zone ever was anymore. But I digress. Don’t hesitate to contact me through the blog, on facebook, or by email (cstarchenk at gmail dot com) if you want more info. 


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