In which I give up and go back to my photography.

Well, last Monday I decided that I was over this rediculous wait of ours, especially the people who say they are going to send stuff and don’t. I’m WAY over that. So we planned a trip to the beach. And since I’ve taken some time off of all of my photography, and it was all for nothing (even though the break was nice) I decided to take some bookings. I’m still not commissioning my own weddings, and won’t until the end of  the year, but I’ve taken on some new clients who should be a lot of fun to work with. I’m hoping it will take my mind off the ballyhoo (or lack there) of that I find myself in.

So in the meantime, we went out town to the beach this last weekend for our anniversary. And we’re going to the mountains next weekend, and I might head into Virginia the weekend after that to have a session with a nice looking couple. And there’s 15 preschoolers in cute little caps and gowns  that I’ll be photographing this week. I’m working on a contract for another job, but I have to write this thing  in a particular way becuase no one seems to know when this wait will be over, and the client’s like “I don’t get it. How can you not know? Can’t you just call someone?” And I’m like, “I can see how this is all very unsettling. I’m very unsettled about it myself. But I can assure you that if I am still in the country I will personally be there myself. And in the even that I am not, a well qualified, well vetted associate will be there in my place. The associate will be named in the contract, and under contract with me so that I can be assured that there will be coverage at your event”.

And it’s a good thing this client likes me because that contract almost tanked right there at noon today.   I keep telling myself that this is all just temporary chaos. I don’t know if I believe that at this point. At one o’clock, in effort to relieve this clients worry, I call the agency and ask about the time line, and of course, no one knew anything, and then thankfully, we got disconnected before I  could get crabby. And becuase I have clients to work with and trail mix to emotionally eat, I didn’t bother calling back.

The contract is ok for the moment. And if it’s not, then it’s not. People always ask me how they can pray for us, so if you’re praying with us, you can pray that when we finally get back to Poland, that I will be gracious to the facilitator. I work very hard to remember that she is BUSY. She works for more than one agency, and her time often gets taken up with various people and their problems, or by translation or paperwork, or whatever. But today was the first day I felt negative emotion and directed it at an actual person, which is slightly unfair of me. I don’t know that she’s really the reason. But either way, I need to remain cool, and the Lord has been very kind to help me remain rather calm and reasonably well put together, with only mild freak outs. I don’t know that people at our agency would agree, but considering that the week Lev was born, when I cried all day. everday  and didn’t sleep for a week, I’m doing spectacularly well.  I’m about to end my office hours for this afternoon, but to “reward” you for still reading this blog, and praying with us, and generally being good sports about our odyssey,  even though i currently have nothing to show for it but this pitiful blog, I’ll share some some images from our weekend. We love being outdoors, and spending time together as a family. We’re looking forward to when Violet is ready to go to the beach.

emerald aisle 2013-11 emerald aisle 2013-22 emerald aisle 2013-10 emerald aisle 2013-9 emerald aisle 2013-7 emerald aisle 2013-5 emerald aisle 2013-4 emerald aisle 2013-21 emerald aisle 2013-19 emerald aisle 2013-3 emerald aisle 2013-16 emerald aisle 2013-18 emerald aisle 2013-13 emerald aisle 2013-12

emerald aisle 2013-15

Lev is “Hulking” here. He made Alex be the Sand Man and bury him in the sand, and he hulked himself to get out. Good times with my hulk obsessed 3 year old.


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