Our wait is almost over. Still.

It’s may 2nd people.


And I am still in America. And if I had a dollar for everytime someone said, “Geez, girl. I can’t believe you’re still waiting for those dates!” I would be wealthier than Oprah. I’d have so much money, I wouldn’t know what to do with it all.


Side Note: It’s actually much more helpful if people would say instead, “Hey, Girl! You’re one day closer to getting those dates!” Becuase that’s what I tell myself every morning when I’m drinking my coffee. It’s what I told myself when we were waiting to be matched with Lev’s birthfamily, and while we were waiting for him to be born. It keeps me positive. THat way, when people tell me, I can say cheerfully, “I KNOW!” instead of when people say things like the “Geez, girl,” comment I get more often, after which I don’t really really know what say. I usually shift my eyes off to the right and up slightly, and say something dumb while sort of sighing like, “Yep. That’s true”. It doesn’t even make sense as a response.

But I’m off topic.  Instead, here’s a brief funny story, and a list of things I do to make it through my crazy, silly wait.


We signed court papers last week. I was reading through them, becuase we had to get them signed and notarized and sent back, and I was reading along. TO summarize, they basically asked for a date that bonding could start (meaning we go there, and get Violet) and then a bunch of other legal blah blah stuff. And then on the second page, was this paragraph that said a lot of things, but then said this:

“The State of North Carolina, where we live, is mainly inhabited by people of Polish descent.”

It also said a bunch of other stuff, which I found rather amusing. So I call Alex, loyal american, and teller of truth. We chat:

“I sort of don’t want to sign that paper. I mean it’s true, lots of people here are of polish descent, but that doesnt mean everyone is. You’re not…”

“True, but you are.”

“But not everyone is. And those other parts, I don’t know about them.”

After some more back and forth, I call the agency. They assure me it’s jut a legal formality and tell me to just sign the papers. I call Alex back.

“It’s just a legal formality.”

Yeah, but I don’t want to sign it. I cant say it’s all true.

Well, basically they made it sound like we have two choices, babe. We sign the paper and go get Violet, or you don’t sign, and this whole things ends right here.

We signed the papers. With smiles on our faces.

And Alex is fine now.  He just needed time to get used to it all. I love that guy so much.

And that was our most recent adoption activity.


In the mean time, since our predicted 4 month wait has stretched into 8 months and counting, I’ve had to find things to do with my nervous energy. Here’s a list of things I’ve done:

1. Precook. Then eat the stuff I made in february in May becuase it was getting freezer burned….

2. I discovered the bands The Head and the Heart, Imagine Dragon, and Bastille.

3. I went back to photography a little bit.

4. I precooked some new meals.

5. I’ve been working out more.

6. We put Violet’s room together.

7. I’ve watched way too much TV (and I’m not proud of some of it)

8. We went to FLorida, then to the beach. And to georgia a couple of time.

9. I removed the wallpaper in the master bath, and I’ve been painting.

10. I’m reading a novel called “The Deluge” by Henrik Sinkewicz. It’s about Poland and Sweden and Russia. I like it, but there are large sections of horseback riding and fighting to wade through.

11. I’m doing my best to read through Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy by the end of May in my Bible reading. Unlike other Christians who use fancy pants plans, I just read through my Bible.  It works for me.

12. I made crib sheets for violet’s crib, which she might grow out of before we got get her…. but whatever.

Basically, I’m resolved to do my best waiting without freaking out too much. I remind myself that everyday is one day closer to going, and that I’m not missing out on any time the Lord has ordained for us.


Last but not least is a funny story about Lev waiting to go get Violet.

Last night, I gather up some pictures and Violets Easter bunny, and we get in the car, drive out to a place called Siler City to meet up with another family from our agency. They’re going to take the bunny and picture to Poland for us and give them to the facilitator to give to Violet. Hopefully.

Anyways, we’re most of the way there, and Lev is a little antsy and we tell him we’re going to go see some people about Violet, and he gets upset, throws the bunny up to the front of the car, and says to us,”Let’s just go get Violet.” We tried to explain about judges and such, but he was not hearing it. “I don’t care what they say. Let’s just go now.” Funny, but we feel the same way. But that’s why we’re the parents and not him. Lev’s way would get us sent to jail or something.


Hopefully we’ll have more exciting new in a week or so. Or two months. You know how it goes. =)



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