Disclaimer: There’s a lot of waiting parents in our program who read this blog, as well as people thinking about adopting from Poland who are looking for info. My experience and their experience will differ very much and no adoption is the same. So from here on out as I write openly and earnestly about our experience, this “disclaimer” is going to appear at the top of my posts. Our crazy long sanctifying wait is not due to anything anyone at our agency, the facilitator, or our family has done. It just is. There’s nothing I can do about it, and it’s all our of our hands at this point. I’m doing my best to make the best of it. This is adoption, people. It is what it is. Thanks for staying calm with us


I’ve reached that point in adoption (everyone reaches that point) where I start making contigency plans, not becuase I think the plans I’m making are called for, but simply because I have nothing to do adoption wise.  And last night I was sitting at my desk, supposedly working on SEO for my studio, but instead watching adoption stories on the Archibald Project website. My very favorite most inspiring story is the one featuring the Via family. They’re from a city near me, and the Lord took them on an unexpected, and very amazing journey. I’ll let you watch the video(scroll down to the bottom), but I did want to share something that hit very close to home:Phonto


I won’t spoil the video for you, since I really think you should all watch it, but it made me wonder: if something happened and we couldn’t bring Violet to America would we give up everything here and go be a family there? I knew my answer right away, but later, I asked Alex the same question after telling him the story about the Via Family. And his answer was the same as mine:

Yes. She’s our daughter, and we’re not complete without her.


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