The Call.

So it appears that I won’t need my contingency plans or my disclaimer anymore. The disclaimer has been discarded.  The list is still on the fridge, but it’s been covered up my own massive to do list since…


I’m so happy! I was really hoping it was coming soon, as evidenced by this Facebook post from the June 23rd. I learned how to do screen shots to get it on the blog tonight, so I expect all of you to read it.


facebook Fun Fact: I saw that hummingbird 3 weeks before we got Violet’s referral. And I saw the firefly roughly 3 weeks before we got out call. I’m not a believer in signs, but I do like to think that Lord allows be reminded visually that he”s working even if we can’t see it. He’s been so faithful to us in our adoption and it’s really because of his grace that we’ve come this far. Here’s a recap of our story. Bear with me. It could get long.

On Saturday July 12th, Alex and I had a skype interview with the Lydia Fund. We were really hoping to get this grant because it meant that we’d be fully funded for Violet’s adoption. We were lacking $2500 dollars. And thankfully, we got a $2000 grant! I was stunned. People who know me well in real life know that it’s not impossible to stun me into silence, but it’s not common that I’m so stunned that I sit in silence for more than a minute. But there I was, sitting on the couch, stunned. Nothing but silence for a full 5 minutes. When I could speak again, Alex and I talked about how the Lord gave us $19,500 in 6 months. It’s the most amazing answer to prayer! Both our kids are visual answers to prayer, but this is close second.

On Monday, I call the agency and tell them that they can expect yet another call from a funding agency, and the director squealed on the phone out of excitement for me. And she said to me, your travel dates will be here soon. I know it. And I said, “well, it’ll happen, but I’m sure the judge is still on vacation.” Becuase that’s what our last conversation was about- a judges vacation. I didn’t write about it because there was nothing to say. It was disappointing, but also very nice to be able to ignore my phone when it rang or dinged at me.

So in all honestly on Tuesday the 15th, I was sitting on the couch playing candy crush after lunch while Lev was having video time. I heard my phone ring, but I ignored it because that’s what I do now. Then I heard it ding, as the caller left a voicemail. THen it rang again, which I ignored again, and then my ding for a text message to arrive and I’m thinking to myself,

“Whoever this is rather insistent, which is annoying because I’m very comfortable here on the couch and I don’t want to get up. ”

But Lev wanted Juice, yada yada, so I get up and go get it, and on the way past my phone I see another text message coming in from the agency director. I gae Lev his juice and called her back.

“I knew that the Lord would give you your dates soon when you called yesterday. You’re going back to POland next month”.

And the first phrase out of my mouth was,

“Are you serious? You’re not making this up? Are you serious?”

She was serious. I couldn’t write anything down becuase my hands were shaking so badly.

It was July 15th. 11 months and one day since I first say my daughter.

On August 25th, 357 days after I saw my daughter for the first time in person, I will see her again.

Exactly 2 months from today, on September 19th. I’ll put on a very uncomfortable black dress, and Alex will don a suit and tie, we’ll walk into a court room and a judge will declare us Violets parents. For the next 5 days I’ll have 2 children under 4. I try not to think about that preferring instead to rejoice in how the Lord provided for us when we were never promised children. And now I have 2. TWO.

It’s been a long time coming. A very long time.

The Lord has been very faithful and gracious to answer the prayers of huge amounts of people.



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