Because adoptive parents bond with their absent children differently, I usually do it through shopping or creating. I’m calling this dress the “I’m leaving the orphanage forever” dress. I found it on clearance at Nuvonivo in downtown Raleigh. I decided that Violet (mostly me) couldn’t be happy without it, so I impulsively plunked down my money and walked out of the store a happy mama.

I’m actually glad I bought it. I thought I would have buyers remorse, but it was on clearance. It’s hard to have remorse about clearance. But I didn’t want Violet walking out of the orphanage with the old clothes she always wore. I want her to leave it behind and leave wearing something new and special for a new life! 10553361_10152207592357117_4210008923110575256_n

I’m not super fashion forward, but I do like my kids to look nice. So I spend a lot of time going through clothes that people give me, and hunting down sales for things I think they’ll wear a lot. I liked this dress, becuase as She gets older, it might still fit as a tunic over some leggings, which I know are sort of out of fashion now, but are totally cute on little girls. I also have a super cute pair of shoes, a head band, and some white tights to go with this. Her short hair and blue eyes will really look great and I can’t wait for everyone to see her.

Anyways, look for a picture of Violet sporting her new clothes and families sometime after September 19th. I’m looking for ways to keep everyone updated onour adventures as we go to Poland without having to log into wordpress constantly. I’m thinking something mobile based, but I’m still thinking about what I want that to look like.  I’ll keep updating the blog as much as I can with our adventures. But I do plan to start integrating this blog back to my photography/life (mostly photography) blog at some point. You can click here to see it.


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