Odds and Ends before we leave

I’m going to start winding up this blog here, since we’re leaving on Saturday for Poland. I’ll be updating while we’re there, but once we’re home, I’m going to start transitioning back to my photography website and blogging personally there. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun at www.onecrazylove.com/blog. It’s mostly my photography site, but I’ve been trying to integrate my personal life more into my business. I made the choice early on to keep a seperate adoption blog. In some ways, I’m very happy I did that. In other ways I wish I hadn’t. I still have a hard time deciding what personal thinks are going to make up the personal part of my blog. It’s sort of a fine line- mixing the personal and the business. I want to do it well, and I’ve actually been OK with slowly growing my business and being careful about my choices versus going all out and letting all my junk fly free into the wind. I don’t know if that makes sense. I think it’s going to be an ever evolving process for me. I’m ok with being open about myself. But my family requires some extra consideration and care.

Anyways, we’re all in a tizzy her. But not a stressed out tizzy. Just happy excited busy tizzy. Lev starts out every day asking if today is the day we go to Poland. Then we have to talk about the days, then we talk about  the orphanage and go over the things we can do and probably shouldn’t do. For example:

Yes to: gentle hugs, sharing toys, using kind words, letting others go first, washing our hands before playing with the kids, politeness, and smiles.

No go: yelling, throwing, unkind words, sitting on someone or something other than chairs or the floor. Eating other kids snacks. not washing hands after coughing sneezing or the potty (this is based on a recent play date he had, where he was the only boy, schooled in the arts of polite behavior by the girls. It was a very productive playdate for him. He committed all the fouls, all the girls corrected him. THen they made him have a tea party. he was not a fan of that part.)

I did assure him that he wouldn’t have to have a tea party.

In the mean time, I’ve been getting my money’s worth out of the facilitator, by telling Lev about her, and about how Magda likes things done decently and in order. So when he’s screaming, yelling, being recalitrant etc. I simply inform him that Magda doesn’t appreciate that sort of behavior and would say things like, “Lev, seriously, you’re a big boy. Why is your mother putting your pants on?” Magda has accomplished more in 3 weeks than I have in 4 years of parenting. Lev dresses himself, eats with a fork, and has curbed most of the yelling. All becuase I told him Magda likes good behavior. I’d say my money was well spent and we haven’t even arrived yet. Too bad I didn’t think of this while I was potty training. And double sad, when he gets to know Magda, and she thinks he’s so cute, he’ll realize he’s been had and that she probably doesn’t care if he yells indoors. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. FOr the moment, I’m winning. That’s honestly all I care about.

I’ve been thinking of a way to update everyone without using facebook. Not everyone who wants updates is on facebook I discounted that. Then I discounted making my blog private, because that irritates me when other people do it, so that was out. All the was left was good old email, which works best because i’m not guaranteed the internet every day, nor am I guaranteed facebook. So if youl’d like in on the email updates, send me a quick note to Charity@onecrazylove.com. I’ll make sure you get added to my list, and can see the emails.

Finally, my sister came over tonight, and we had fun with Lev, then she gave me her garden gnome Cecil, which she always carried around on her travels and took pictures of. We agreed Cecil should see the alps, and Prague, and different parts of Poland, so he’s going into the bag and hanging out with us on our travels.

We are truly weird, my sisters and I. We know all the words to the Princess Bride and Napoleon Dynamite, and the Sandlot, and we take a garden gnome on our travels with us, even though we’re in our late twenties and 30’s. We’re comfortable with this level of nerdiness.  My sister goes so far as to leave Cecil in a noticeable place, like the middle of  the sidewalk, or a bridge, and watch people talk about him from a nearby bench. I don’t think I’ll really go that far, but I am looking forward to instagramming Cecils travels with us. You can follow me on instagram: @onecrazylovephoto. I’ll be hashtagging the gnome: #ceciltheroaminggnome. It should be good times.




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