We’re Alex, Charity and Lev.

When everyone is on their best behavior, we look like this:

funrasing card-1

In reality, we probably look something more like this (See Lev? See his face? He knows exactly what he’s doing. And that I’m taking pictures. That’s why he’s doing it) :


Or this:


And on truly sad occasions, like when we leave someplace fun, we look like this:


We like to poke fun at ourselves. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have a toddler. We’re about to adopt a second toddler. Our lives are going to look like this for a while. And that’s ok.

Other things about us: 

We’re fledgling southerners.

We like Soccer more than any other sports.

Lev eats raw onions  And celery frequently. He loves heavy machinery, and airplanes. He’d go live with his Mimi if given the chance. He wants a brother or sister.

Charity loves sharpie markers, wind, birch trees, Canon products, Anthropologie, and good coffee. She’d like to go to Peru and Mongolia one day.

Alex loves crisp cool weather, loose leaf tea, and DIY projects. He installed our counter tops and our floor. He’d like to live closer to the beach so he can boogie board more often.

We’re learning:

To love Jesus and each other more deeply.

That less is more.

To be real, authentic people.

Sometimes it’s better to hire people to do stuff.

Not to compare ourselves to other people.

To spread God’s fame.

If you would like to help support our adoption, You can donate here. Please note that this is not a tax deductible donation. More information about tax deductible donations wills come soon.


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